The German Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments in Bruchsal

In the Bruchsal Palace, the German Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments presents one of the largest exhibitions of self-playing instruments in Europe. More than 500 functioning exhibits await the visitor on three floors. The instruments document a history of music and media which is now all-but-forgotten.

Thanks to MP-3 players or YouTube, music is present everywhere at the push of a button these days. But even in the 18th Century, there was artificially-created music in the courts for which no musician was needed. In the 19th Century, mechanical instruments conquered the salons of wealthy citizens, bars, fairs, back courtyards and the streets.
The visitor to the German Museum of Musical Instruments takes a fascinating sound journey through time. There one learns of the seemingly endless possibilities of sounding not only pipes and bells, but also keyboard, percussion and even string instruments. Gigantic orchestrions, mechanical figures with fascinating life-like appearance, and the highly-complex music technology inside the instruments will astound the visitor.

Visitors can call forth a wide variety of sounds and play recordings at the touch of a button. Specially-marked playing, hearing and media stations provide additional in-depth experience in the fascinating world of mechanical instruments.


The German Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments
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Deutsches Musuem
Schloss Bruchsal, Schlossraum 4

D - 76646 Bruchsal
Telefon: +49 (0)7251 / 74 26 52


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