Absolutism and Enlightenment

The 18th century and the Baroque period are the subjects of this permanent  exhibition. The differing lifestyles of each stratum of society (church, aristocracy, bourgeoisie and peasants) are illustrated, and the area of southwestern Germany is given special attention and presented within an international context.

The exhibit area on piety focuses particularly on the Catholic Church, which endeavoured to renew itself in response to the Reformation during this period.

Prosperity and the power of the aristocracy were reflected in fashions and in the lavish life at court. The exhibition includes luxury goods that were brought from Asia and South America to Europe by international trading companies starting in the 17th century. Chinese porcelain is a major example.

The Badisches Landesmuseum possesses an excellent collection of furniture from the well-known workshop of Abraham and David Roentgen in Neuwied. The exhibition dedicates a special area to this collection. Inside a reconstruction of the workshop, the most beautiful pieces of this collection are featured together, and there is information about the sophisticated techniques used to create this unique luxury furniture.