Baden and Europe

The failure of the German Democratic Revolution led to a phase of foreign military rule and political reaction; the population became impoverished. From 1848 to 1863 more than a hundred thousand people left Baden. It was not until 1852 that political consolidation gradually began.

The visitors gain insight on Baden’s development into a ‘liberal model region’. They learn more about the foundation of the German Empire (1870/1871) and the impact of World War I and the Revolution of 1918 on Baden. A series of paintings presented to honor the Grand Duke and Duchess’s silver anniversary provide detailed insight into the traditional clothing of this time. The studio of the court sculptor Josef von Kopf is worth a visit. Kopf depicted the illustrious society in Baden-Baden. Even the German Emperor Wilhelm I modelled for his paintings.

This collection also illustrates the beginning of industrialisation, the newly gained mobility and the early phases of tourism.