Baden and Europe

The last part of this exhibition starts with the Revolution of 1918. Visitors learn about the time of the Weimar Republic, the architecture of the Bauhaus era, the historical German youth movement and find out whether Germany and France really were arch-enemies.

Other parts of this collection are Baden in the Third Reich, the Hitler Youth, the persecution of political dissidents and ethnic minorities and finally World War II. After this, the visitors see how Baden was rebuilt from the ruins, and they learn about the problem of establishing the state of Baden-Württemberg. A special area in the room is dedicated solely to the Badner Lied, the inofficial anthem, with its numerous verses.
The collection on the postwar period features information about contemporary German youth movements, travelling experiences, kitsch in everyday life, and the music of the 1950s. A large part of this collection is dedicated to the Black Forest as a background not only for producing entertainment but also for creating art. It presents images of the operetta Schwarzwaldmädel (Black Forest Girl), the TV series Schwarzwaldklinik (Black Forest Clinic) and Die Fallers. The collection is rounded off by objects depicting of Baden’s top athletes including many of their trophies won at international competitions.