The collection of the Margraves of Baden

The weapons room contains the oldest objects in the collection of the Margraves of Baden. The collection is primarily composed of handguns as well as cutting and stabbing weapons from the 16th to 19th centuries.

Some of the oldest objects were part of the fürstliche Rüstkammer (Ducal Arms Room) of Karl II in the Karlsburg palace at Durlach and of the fürstliche Büchsen Cammer (Ducal Rifle Room) in the palace at Rastatt. The latter room was destroyed in 1689 but then rebuilt. Due to the secularisation of church property and the expansion of Baden’s territory in 1803, many magnificent weapons came into the possession of the margraves. The weapons came from the gun rooms of the prince-bishops of Konstanz and of Speyer, i.e. from their palaces at Meersburg and Bruchsal. These objects, combined with the existing collection, became known as the Großherzogliche Gewehrkammer (Grand Duke’s Gun Room). 

Most of the weapons included here were part of the prestigious appointments of the ruler of Baden as well as being used for hunting and sporting activities. Since the 18th century, the weapons have been seen primarily as mementos and have been used to give an idea of the dynasty of Baden.