after 1945

In 1944 the Manufactory was bombed and was partly destroyed. But soon after the end of the war, the production of household ceramics was taken up again. External commissions such as advertising and commemorative gifts kept the company in business. The field of architectural ceramics was booming as well. The main clients have been and still are the public authorities.

Many famous artists have worked with the Manufactory; among them were Hans-Peter Reuter, Johannes Grützke, Georg Meistermann, and Klaus Arnold.

In 1978, a private company took over the majority of the Manufactory’s shares. The federal state of Baden-Württemberg thought this would speed up the modernization and economic recovery of the by now financially stricken company. But after economic turbulence on the world market, its owners withdrew again in 1983.

The state continued managing the Manufactory as a small company until 1998, when the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg became its owner. Today, the National Majolica Manufactory has about 35 employees.


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