Have you asked yourself the following questions?
The ZEB will find out the answers for you!

  • Who are our visitors and where do they come from?
  • Which expectations, hopes and knowledge do the visitors have when they come?
  • How did the visitors learn about our institution?
  • What public image does our institution have?
  • Which messages do our exhibitions communicate and under what conditions?
  • Which advertising tools appeal to people? What target groups do they reach, and to what extent?
  • Which visitors take advantage of different features, and how satisfied are they with them?
  • What do people like and dislike in and at the museum?
  • Are the different displays understood, and how do they come across? 
  • Are various aspects of visitor service in need of improvement?
  • How do people assess interactive features?
  • Do the elderly, families, children and the handicapped feel comfortable at our institution?


Zentrum für Evaluation und Besucherforschung
am Badischen Landesmuseum
Schlossbezirk 10
D - 76131 Karlsruhe