ZEB - Centre for Evaluation and Visitor Research

With its tried- and-true evaluation methods, the ZEB is able to collect valuable information, both about the institution in general as well as about phases before, during and after the planning period for an exhibition or cultural event.

The ZEB product palette includes:

  • Visitor studies and non-visitors studies: who comes to the museum, who doesn't and why?
  • Potential analyses and image studies: determining target groups and reach, profiles of strengths and weaknesses
  • Front-end evaluation: expectations, market analyses, goal-planning tools, concept reviews
  • Formative evaluation: planning and structuring feedback during an event
  • Remedial evaluation: testing mock-ups to optimize long-term solutions
  • Summative evaluation: an analysis of success or effectiveness during or after an exhibition
  • Status-quo analysis: an inventory to clarify goals before restructuring or updating existing exhibitions/ departments


Zentrum für Evaluation und Besucherforschung
am Badischen Landesmuseum
Schlossbezirk 10
D - 76131 Karlsruhe