Mission Statement

The Badisches Landesmuseum developed this mission statement in 2000. All staff members were asked to give their opinions and invited to participate in the process.
The mission statement is available as a leaflet. 

Our Museum

Who we are: 
The Badisches Landesmuseum in Karlsruhe is the major museum for cultural, art and regional history in the Baden region of Baden-Württemberg. We see ourselves as a universal museum in which history, art and everyday life throughout the ages are brought together to provide a comprehensive cultural historical synopsis. 

  • Cultural dialogue
    We place the regional culture of Baden in a dialogue with the history of Western cultures, which are represented in our collections by outstanding artefacts dating from ancient history to the present day. Through our intercultural character and the dialogue of cultures, we contribute to the understanding of historical cultural epochs and to understanding and tolerance between groups of people and nations. 
  • One of the largest museums in Germany …
    In addition to the main museum in Karlsruhe, the Badische Landesmuseum has nine locations and branch museums throughout the state where we present various aspects of regional culture ranging from Roman provincial culture to medieval monastic culture, the culture of the Baroque court, the making of clocks and music instruments in the Black Forest and modern ceramics....
  • ... with international character
    As one of the largest museums in Germany, we emphasise our international character and contribute to the cultural identity of Baden and the upper Rhine region. We see the museum as a cultural and societal forum with a wide range of responsibilities that require the contributions of a staff that is trained in many different professions.

Our responsibilities

  • Fulfilling the dual role of a museum
    The museum has a duty both to the objects in its collection and to its visitors and their needs –- hence an understanding of the dual role of a museum. The important tasks carried out by a museum include collecting, active conservation and scientific research — but they also include offering visitor-friendly presentation of objects in permanent and temporary exhibitions, communicating, facilitating and marketing.  
  • Collecting, conserving, researching
    Topics of current importance to society are reflected in the activities of our museum. We also stress the importance of contemporary art in historical dialogue, deal with less popular topics and apply ourselves to the everyday history and culture of marginalized groups. As a service provider, the Badisches Landesmuseum values modern marketing methods, intensive public relations and educational programmes. The use of computers and the Internet plays an important role here.  
  • Offering a museum adventure
    We see our museum as a place to enjoy and experience, offering the visitor both information and entertainment in unique surroundings. These include elegant rooms for events, good catering services and a wide selection in the museum shop. 

Who do we work for?

In our work, the staff of the Badisches Landesmuseum focuses on the needs of our visitors. In our daily interaction with the public and by means of representative surveys, we learn more about the interests and wishes of our visitors and work to fulfil them.  

  • Group-specific programmes
    We develop specific programmes and offerings for individuals and groups, for students and teachers, for families, children and seniors, for persons with disabilities, for professional associations and conference attendees.
  • Winning over new groups of visitors
    It is our goal to attract new segments of the public to enjoy both the educational and fun aspects of our museum. We want to encourage as many people as possible to visit the museum on a regular basis. To meet these goals we use both tried-and-true as well as innovative cultural information programmes. This includes a varied calendar of cultural events and special theme-based programmes for schools, our annual museum festival, participation in the Karlsruhe Night of the Museums and theatre performances and other events in the museum. 
  • Foster direct contact to our visitors
    Direct contact with the visitor is maintained by our museum education department, our public relations department and the visitor service office. Those who want more information can consult our experts or our library for art and cultural history, which is open to the public. 

    After all: The work we do for the upkeep, conservation and targeted expansion of our collections is for the benefit of present and future generations of visitors.

Who do we work with?

We can only do our job successfully by working constructively with different groups of society as well as with public, private, cultural and scientific organisations. This cooperation is based on openness and mutual understanding, allowing us to build lasting partnerships that benefit all sides. 

  • Lasting partnerships built on openness and mutual understanding
    Our partners from the world of business are of great importance to us because — just like the Friends of the Museum groups at our different locations –- they make additional projects and activities possible through their patronage and sponsorship of our institution. The Badisches Landesmuseum is active in promoting cooperation at state, national and international levels. 
  • Cross-border cooperation
    We place great emphasis on our relationships with our neighbouring countries in the upper Rhine region.

How do we work?

At the Badisches Landesmuseum, we employ around 200 employees: archaeologists, historians, art historians, ethnologists, experts in museum education, conservators, technicians, librarians, photographers, graphic designers, experts in PR, marketing and media as well as our maintenance, security, cleaning and administrative staff. Our employees all helped formulate the principles outlined in this mission statement that affirm the spirit of cooperation within the museum.

  • Working together to achieve our goals
    In our museum, excellence is rewarded and constructive criticism is allowed; we welcome suggestions for improvement. Our work processes are transparent, and our employees feel validated and affirmed in their functions. In order to work together to meet our goals, we value a professional and considerate style of communication. This makes our work easier by contributing to more motivation and employee satisfaction.
  • We never stop learning
    We share our experience with our colleagues and the outside world. This especially benefits our trainees within the museum; the Badisches Landesmuseum is a training centre for future museum professionals. We offer all our employees the opportunity to participate in professional continuing education programmes. We successfully do our work and achieve our goals by responsibly using the public monies placed at our disposal. We have increasingly been generating our own funding.