Cultures of Artificial Intelligence

New Perspectives for Museums

Hybrid International Conference, 1./2. Dec 2022
Location: Karlsruhe, Badisches Landesmuseum/ museum x and online

Selected Talks will be streamed online

Cultures of Artificial Intelligence in Museums
The conference will focus on a critical survey of the current field of action of Artificial Intelligence in museums and its future development. Which cultures of Artificial Intelligence have already developed? How are machine learning and deep learning being used in cultural productions and institutions? Can critical reflections lead to a better understanding of which forms of algorithmic culture are developing and what implications the use of these technologies entails? What new possibilities for action are conceivable through the use of artificial intelligence and can new approaches to culture be created with it? Is it already possible to identify which methods are particularly promising, practical or forward-looking? Under the three keywords Reflect, Empower and Next Intelligence, the conference aims to provide an overview of Artificial Intelligence in museums, to offer spaces for thought and exchange, and to create the necessary transparency for decisions about which algorithmic culture is being driven by the use of Artificial Intelligence procedures.

Location: Karlsruhe / museum x  and online


Thursday, 01.12.2022

Schloss Karlsruhe, Gartensaal 




Badisches Landesmuseum, Gartensaal


(hybrid access)

  • Prof. Dr. Eckart Köhne, Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe
  • Els van der Plas, Allard Pierson Amsterdam
  • Dr. Tabea Golgath, Stiftung Niedersachsen, Hannover



  • Dr. Johannes Bernhardt, Sonja Thiel, Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, Etienne Posthumus, Allard Pierson Amsterdam 



  • Prof. Dr. Mercedes Bunz, London: The Role of Culture in the Intelligence of AI





Session 1: 

(hybrid access)

  • Dr. Baptiste Caramiaux, Paris: Artificial Intelligence in the Creative and Cultural Sectors. The Case of Museum and Cultural Heritage
  • Timo Daum, Leipzig: Unboxing Machine Learning. Data Handling Toolbox and Digital Capitalism’s Go-To Machine




  • Dr. Arno Schubbach, Basel: AI & Art. Argument for Practice
  • Oumaima Hajri, Rotterdam: The Hidden Costs of AI: deepening our understanding of decolonisation from practice back to theory


Session 2: 

(hybrid access)

  • Dr. Oonagh Murphy, London: Power, Data and Control: Critical Technology Discourse in the Museum
  • Marion Carré, Paris: Archives, Fake News and AI




  • Luba Elliott, London: Discovering Culture with AI 
  • Clemens Neudecker, Berlin: Digital Curation and Collections for AI. Opportunities and Risks for Cultural Heritage Institutions



  • Dr. Johannes Bernhardt, Sonja Thiel, Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, Etienne Posthumus, Allard Pierson Amsterdam


End of Day 1



Get Together in museum x

Poster & Demo Space
Art Intervention: Frank Bierlein, Moph Zielke, Karlsruhe: Artificial Artist Assistant by
Pop-Up Office


Friday, 02.12.2022

Schloss Karlsruhe, Gartensaal



Session 3: 

Next Intelligence 
(hybrid access)

  • Prof. Dr. Harald Sack, Karlsruhe: Symbolic vs. Subsymbolic Knowledge Representation, an Epic Dilemma?
  • Dr. Sonja Schimmler, Berlin: Transparency, Reproducibility and Fairness in Data Science and AI
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Rafaela Hillerbrand, Karlsruhe: The Janus-Faced Nature of (Weak) AI




  • Prof. Dr. Lynn Rother, Fabio Mariani, Lüneburg: From Quantity to Quality. Structuring Provenance Data
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Bareither, Tübingen: Cultures of AI. Perspectives from Digital Anthropology and their Potential for the Field of Museum Studies





Open Session in museum x: 

Lightening Talks

Posters & Demos 

  • Dr. Stefan Schaffer, Oliver Gustke, Berlin: CHIM. Chatbot in Museum Goes Open Source
  • Dr. Nicole High-Steskal, Krems, Dr. Rainer Simon, Wien: Linking Viennese Art through Artificial Intelligence. Evaluating the Blackbox
  • Valentin Vogelman, Amsterdam: The SociAl BIas Observatory. Algorithmic Perspectives in the Human Search of Biases in Collections
  • Lukáš Pilka, Prag: Digital Curator: Motifs and Themes in Central European Fine Art Explored by Computer Vision
  • Ana Müller, Köln, Anke Neumeister, Stralsund: "Talk to me!" Research and Development of AI-based Conversations in a Museum
  • Franz Köferl, Erlangen: Real-Time Visitor Tracking for Deutsches Museum Nürnberg
  • Melanie Fahden, Dr. Anja Gebauer, Hamburg: With Artificial Intelligence to Art! Chatting with Salomé and Co. through IBM Watson
  • Prof. Michael Zöllner, Markus Bosl, Dirk Widmann, Moritz Krause, Hof: Symotiv – Virtual Insights into the Symphony Orchestra
  • Dominik Bönisch, Aachen: Curating Museum Collection Data with the Curator's Machine
  • Lukas Hughes-Noehrer, Manchester: Inferring User Interaction from Data. Using Museum Recommender System.
  • Prof. Dr. Tamim Asfour, Franziska Krebs, Dr. Linda Nierling, Dr. Maria Maia, Pascal Vetter, Nora Weinberger, Karlsruhe: Real-World Lab „Robotic Artificial Intelligence”
  • Yannick Hofmann, Karlsruhe/Nürnberg: ofxTensorFlow2 - A Media Arts Application for Creative Empowerment in the AI Field
  • Sonja Thiel, Etienne Posthumus, Murat Kazokoglu, Karlsruhe, Amsterdam, Berlin: xCurator – AI Curation Tool for Museum Data & User Empowerment


 End of Day 2



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Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe

Schloss Karlsruhe
Schlossbezirk 10
76131 Karlsruhe

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Badisches Landesmuseum: Sonja ThielJohannes Bernhardt 
Stiftung Niedersachsen: Tabea Golgath
Allard Pierson: Marjolein Beumer, Etienne Posthumus