100 years

100th anniversary of the Badisches Landesmuseum

Celebrate with us!

In 2019, the Badisches Landesmuseum will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding . The two main jubilee projects span a wide range: The Grand State Exhibition Emperor and Sultan – Neighbours in the heart of Europe 1600–1700 leads back to the history of Baden and the beginnings of our collections. At the heart of the museum’s exhibits is the world renowned Karlsruher Türkenbeute – a trophy collection assembled by the Baden Margraves from the Turkish Wars of the17th century. It is more emblematic of Baden's history than almost any other collection, while also illuminating its European dimension. For the first time, the Grand State Exhibit is addressing historical and cultural links in East-Central and South-eastern Europe. With its political, economic, and religious wars, which resulted in widespread flight and migration, the 17th century is a mirror of our time. It offers points of contact to the current globalisation with its increasingly inter-cultural societies and questions current stereotypes about Islam and the supposedly foreign.

With the collection exhibit Archaeology in Baden – Expothek¹ we ring in the museum of the future in its anniversary year. The new department is a pilot project for the new museum concept of the Badisches Landesmuseum: visitors become users! At the core are the display collections with the Expothek. This offers both direct and digital access to a large number of exhibits. You will soon be able to examine a 50,000 year old hand axe.  On site, you will find digital tables, virtual reality, and a 3D digitising station. On the other hand – and this is unique in the museum landscape – we no longer offer you only admission tickets but rather a user card that is valid all year round and offers new possibilities, both in the museum and at home.

The new exhibit will be opened during the great museum festival on 13 and 14 July. Join us and celebrate with us!