Art déco – Advent of Modernity

through 31 November 2019

Refined design meets geometric playfulness: The high-contrast style of art déco is evidence of the spirit of optimism that shaped the 1920s and early 1930s. An awareness of modernity swept through every field of art. The temporary exhibition at the Staufen Ceramic Museum presents important pieces from the Baden State Museum that document the spirit of this dynamic period.

Art déco expanded after the First World War, and continued to play a role through the eruption of the Second World War. The legendary “Exposition internationale des Arts Décoratifs” art exhibition was held in Paris in 1925, as the Art déco movement reached its high point.

Typical features of playful and refined Art déco include patterns consisting of stripes, dots, net patterns or grid structures. Its floral and figurative motifs do not attempt to reproduce nature, but rather to reduce it to abstract representation. The selected pieces presented in the historic potter’s house reflect the entire stylistic diversity of the Art déco movement.

The exhibition was contributed by the Ceramic Museum to celebrate the Badisches Landesmuseum's anniversary.

Special exhibition Art déco

through 30 November 2019

Opening hours
Wed–Sat 2–5 PM
Sun 12–5 PM

Adults 2.50 EUR
Reduced entry 1.50 EUR

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