South Baden photo archive

The South Baden branch maintains an archive on the regional history of Baden, which focuses on an extensive photo archive of over 300,000 image carriers.

These include precious rarities such as autochrome photo glass plates and magic lantern image series. There are also slides, glass and celluloid negatives, prints, and photo albums as well as a collection of historical picture postcards.

Photo and slide collections from the legacies of Baden folklorists and local historians once formed the basis. Through donations and purchases, the photographic legacies of regional photographers were added to the collection. Today the Staufen Picture Archive houses the legacies of Adolf Steinhäuser (1860–1928), Georg Röbcke (1863–1937), Annemarie Brenzinger (1884–1968), Hermann Schwarzweber (1884–1972), Alwin Tölle (1906–1998), Hugo Beyer (1925–2010) and Eugen Holdermann (1927–2018). The collection comprises photographs taken from around 1880 to the present day. It focuses largely on the motifs of Baden’s countryside and people. The Staufen photo archive also contains historical travel photographs from all over the world.

Bildarchiv Staufen

Badisches Landesmuseum – Außenstelle Südbaden
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