Animals and us

Man’s best friend, reliable companion, useful helper, sacrificial animal, or source of raw materials: The animal takes on many roles and functions within the cultural history of humans. The volunteer exhibit HumANimal – Animals and us shows the ambivalences in the human-animal-relationship and opens time-bound ethical perspectives intended to inspire reflection.

The beginnings of the animal welfare movement will be highlighted as will the trend towards the ‘virtual pet’ emerging in times of artificial intelligence. The exhibit also focuses on exoticism, hunting, meat consumption and vegetarianism, religion, and entertainment. The human view of the animal has been guided by various interests, which may or may not be considered human. It raises the question of how much animal there is in man– and how much man in animal.

“HumANimal Animals and us” presents exhibits from the collection of the Badisches Landesmuseum. These range from antiquity to the present day and illustrate the relationship between humans and animals in a wide variety of materials. Among the highlights of the exhibition are a wall plate by Pablo Picasso depicting a bullfight scene and an ivory dagger from the Baden Grand Ducal Armoury.

The exhibition is curated by the young museum staff of the Badisches Landesmuseum. Involved are volunteers from the fields of cultural mediation, management, public relations, and controlling as well as the areas of folklore, ancient cultures and art, and cultural history.


21 February 2020 – 12 September 2021

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