Tower and viewing platform

Anyone who tackles the 165 steps from the foot of the palace tower to the viewing platform will be rewarded with a unique view of the city: From the tower’s height of 42 meters, the distinctive fan shape of Karlsruhe’s street grid is clearly visible. Nine streets run south towards the city’s centre, radiating fan-like from the tower – an urban layout which is unique within Germany.

The viewing balcony runs around the octagonal tower, offering an impressive 360 degree view. Discover Karlsruhe's hubs and important buildings with a whole new perspective from the tower, including the Federal Constitutional Court, the pyramid on Marktplatz, the "fürstliche Grabeskapelle" (sepulchral chapel) in Hardtwald or the Wildpark stadium. In the distance, you can see not only Turmberg and Geigersberg hills in Durlach, but also a panoramic landscape reaching to the Black Forest, the mountains of the Palatinate region and the Vosges extending into France.

Picture gallery

The castle tower of the Badisches Landesmuseum with the Baden flag flying against a blue sky. Flowers can be seen in the foreground.
View of the castle and castle grounds from the castle tower
Ascent of the castle tower