Lending requests

Lending Requests to the Badisches Landesmuseum

In general, please submit your requests for lending in writing to the Badisches Landesmuseum management nine months prior to the intended lending (or not less than twelve months prior to an extensive lending):

Badisches Landesmuseum
Schlossbezirk 10
76131 Karlsruhe


Your request for lending must include the below information:

  • the name of the lender (in the case of legal persons: the name of the authorised signatory);
  • the place of exhibition (building/address)
  • the exhibition or project title;
  • reasons for the lending (specialist and/or conceptionally);
  • the term of the exhibition/lending;
  • list of requested objects;
  • contact details of the persons to contact;
  • your company’s facility report; and
  • if applicable, further queries (concerning reproduction matters, image templates etc.).

Initially, you will be provided with a lending request receipt confirmation. After we examined this, you will be informed, within a period of several weeks, whether or not objects will be lent to you.

General Terms and Conditions of Lending

As the lender, you will be obliged to bear any and all costs related to the lending, in particular any transport, packaging and loan insurance costs. The General Terms and Conditions of Lending and Transport will be separately communicated to you as early as this is possible. Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe will give instructions on the packaging. Should courier support be required, the lender shall bear the relevant costs.

As the lender, you will be obliged to purchase insurance for the loans during the lending period with a domestic insurance company to the amount of the insurance value determined by the Badisches Landesmuseum and to bear any and all costs related to this; wall-to-wall insurance must be purchased for this.

In the case where it is possible to completely cover liability risks to the amount and the extent of a what is referred to as “self-coverage” (such as liability assumed by the regional state), evidence must be produced for this. Badisches Landesmuseum reserves the right to accept self-coverage.

Loans may be exclusively exhibited or stored in buildings which dispose of alarm fuses. In special cases, it is also possible to request alarm fuses with individual display cabinets; the display cabinets must have locks.

For preventing damage to the loans, constant indoor temperatures indicated in the lending agreement must be guaranteed inside the exhibition rooms; this shall be required already during the transport for any objects which are sensitive to temperature changes. Other terms and conditions of lending are indicated in the lending agreement and its appendices.

The lending period should commence approx. 14 days prior to exhibition opening and terminate shortly after the exhibition end. Please do consider this when planning transport, assembly and disassembly activities.