museum x

The museum is already shifting to analogue and digital content.

The new culture of digitality offers a multitude of new possibilities: Museum visitors network on social media, generate their own content on the internet and can access relevant information at any time. However, physical spaces are still needed for the exchange and implementation of ideas. We are creating such a space in the middle of the city of Karlsruhe: the museum x.

We offer a freely accessible space for creative exchange between the museum and its users*. You are cordially invited to conduct research, work on ideas, try out the digital concepts of the State Museum of Baden, or simply to sit together and exchange ideas!

  • Free access and Wi-Fi
  • Individual and group workstations
  • Info point for the State Museum of Baden
  • Events on the subject of museums and digitalisation
  • Impulses for current issues
  • Exchange with museum staff

At museum x, we are investigating the question of what museums will look like in the future, what is expected of them and how visitors would like to get involved. In order to get to the bottom of these open questions, we will continue the dialogue with our visitors. Let’s ask together what the x is all about!

museum x

The museum x is open to the public during regular opening hours, subject to the Corona regulations.

Admission free!

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Karl-Friedrich-Str. 6, Karlsruhe