Of Showcase Stars and Depot Keepers

The exhibition "Museum Heroes - Of Showcase Stars and Depot Keepers" provides a deep insight into museum work. After all, the objects that a museum collects, preserves, researches, and exhibits travel through the museum or externally in a variety of ways: they are inventoried, loaned out, stored in the depot, or sent for restoration. In the process, the objects also experience curious stories and become real "museum heroes".

The volunteers selected 35 objects for the exhibition in the Marble Hall and developed their own storytelling. Visitors are guided through the fascinating world behind the museum walls by means of comic-style illustrations. At the center is a team of heroes: the late medieval sword owned by the margraves is already an old hand with many years of exhibition and depot experience. He stands by a newcomer, an innovative bicycle helmet made of fungal mycelium, and helps him find his way around.

"Museum Heroes" is now the fourth volunteer exhibition that the young scientists at the Badisches Landesmuseum are designing together according to their interests. A total of eleven volunteers - from the departments of science, folklore, cultural education, PR and marketing, management and controlling - are not only responsible for exhibition content or the accompanying program, but also take care of the financial plan and marketing strategies. In this way, the two years of practical experience at the Badisches Landesmuseum and the experience with a special exhibition of their own design open up career opportunities for all volunteers in the big museum world.

The graphic concept of the exhibition "Museum Heroes" could be realized thanks to the generous support of the Freunde des Badischen Landesmuseums e.V..

Museum Heroes - Of Showcase Stars and Depositaries

Trainee Exhibition
June 3 2022 - June 4 2023
Marmorsaal, Karlsruhe Castle

Besucher schaut auf ausgestellte Badekappen
Besucher*innen in der Ausstellung Museumshelden
Blick in den Ausstellungsraum von Museumshelden
Fotostation mit comic-haften Aufstellern
Besucherin betrachten Ausstellungsobjekte
Zwei Personen betrachten eine Vitrine, in der ein Schwert und ein Fahrradhelm ausgestellt sind
Zwei Personen werden mit einem Smartphone fotografiert
Ein Besucher betrachtet einen Fahrradhelm in einer Vitrine
Ein Besucher betrachtet Metallhelme
Eine Besucherin betrachtet einen Nautiluspokal
Anfassen eines dafür vorgesehenen Exponats
Eine Besucherin liest Ausstellungstexte
Personen betrachten Ausstellungsstücke
Personen betrachten einen von der Decke hängenden Stuhl
Eine Besucherin betrachtet eine Vitrine mit einem Exponat
Eine Besucherin betrachtet eine Vitrine
Eine Frau betrachtet Exponate