Art déco

The high-contrast style of art déco is evidence of the spirit of optimism that shaped the 1920s and early 1930s. In addition to refined and playful art déco products, other designs from the Bauhaus and related movements such as the De Stijl movement in the Netherlands are shaped by an awareness of social responsibility.

Characteristic examples of French art déco include glasswork by René Lalique, whose most successful creation was the statuette Suzanne. In addition, the exhibition presents world class silverwork by Ernest Cardeillac and Jean Tétard and ceramics by Auguste Delaherche, Edouard Cazaux.

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Picture gallery

Insight into the Art Deco exhibition
French cupboard in Amboina Wood and Ivory
French Silver and Lapis Lazuli Tea Service
Statuette of a dancer by the Artist René Lalique