Modern glass painting

With its brilliant luminosity, glass painting creates a special atmosphere and fills the entire room. The art of glass pictures was discovered in the 20th century as a discipline distinct from architecture, introducing a new era of glass painting. Since this time, the artistic expression and artisanal techniques involved in glass painting have developed continuously.

The exhibition collects important works from the early 20th century through the present: Works by Johan Thorn Prikker, Adolf Hölzel, Hans Gottfried von Stockhausen, Georg Meistermann, Johannes Schreiter, Ursula Huth, Emil Wachter and Markus Lüpertz are on display. These are some of the most important representatives of German glass painting. In addition, two panes by Swiss artist Albert Müller, key representative of Swiss Expressionism, are also part of the collection.

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Picture gallery

Colourful glass painting by the artist Markus Lüpertz
 Colourful glass painting by the artist Ursula Huth
Glass painting by the artist Georg Meistermann