Creative Museum

The digital transformation of museums took on a new urgency with the Covid 19 pandemic. With the closure of physical museums, digital channels came to the fore as the only remaining means of communication. The new focus raises questions: What do genuinely digital formats look like that are not 1:1 replicas of the physical experience? How can the museum experience with all its facets be transferred to the digital space? What will the digital museum of the future look like?

The Creative Museum is addressing these questions. In direct response to the experience of the Covid 19 pandemic, it aims to develop a digital participation platform. The potentials of the digital are used to react quickly to current events, to enter into an exchange with users and to use the cultural-historical contents of the museum to work on contemporary issues in a playful, narrative or serious way and to open up perspectives for the future.

The Creative Museum focuses on user-generated content and networking. In time-limited campaigns, contributions from the museum and the users create a dynamic feed with various voting and feedback options. A user account designed with gamification elements supports community building, knowledge exchange and networking. As a flexible framework, the Creative Museum can be used for debates on current topics such as the Covid-19 pandemic, to accompany exhibitions or for Citizen Science projects.

Creative Museum is implemented within the project museum x.o as part of the joint project museum4punkt0 and financed by: