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Digital transformation requires exchange. This applies both to discussions with museum visitors and with colleagues from other museums. In an international comparison, the Smithsonian Institution and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum undoubtedly occupy a leading position in this respect. The Badisches Landesmuseum therefore established contact with its American colleagues some time ago and benefited greatly from the exchange in the further development of its own digital strategy. It therefore made sense to translate the "Tools and Approaches for Transforming Museum Experience" into German and make it more accessible for the debate here. The toolkit includes thoughts and ideas on why transforming museum experiences is necessary; raises questions to help leaders and practitioners design transformative museum experiences; and offers insights into strategies to advance this work for audiences and diverse communities, including useful tools and approaches to practical work. We very much hope that the sometimes different connotations and more activist thrust of the English-language debate will provide helpful stimuli for reflection and encourage more international exchange!

 German Toolkit

English Version of the Toolkit
Cooper Hewitt Interaction Lab

The toolkit was translated by Johannes Bernhardt and Christiane Lindner, is part of the Creative Museum project and is supported by: