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Ping! The Museum App: Chatting with Objects

"Ping! The Museum App" is your companion in the playful exploration of the Badisches Landesmuseum. Using the familiar Tinder mechanics, you can select objects according to your interests, chat with them and visit them in the museum. Some objects are funny, others melancholic, and still others need your help urgently. How the conversations develop depends on your decisions. Embark on an individual journey of discovery through the museum, create your own collection step by step through conversations with the objects and unlock new objects by leveling up - literally get to know the objects personally and learn more about their unique stories!



Your Gift

With "Your Gift" you can use your smartphone to create a personal and digital gift for someone you like. Have you ever made a playlist or mixtape for someone? It's the same thing, only with objects from a museum. It's simple: pick objects that the person you're gifting will like and record voice messages for them. "Your Gift" then wraps everything and sends it to the person you selected.



Museum for listening

Whether insights behind the scenes or exciting information about special exhibitions and collection areas: our podcast takes you into the museum world in entertaining episodes. Every Sunday at noon, we publish a new episode of our children's podcast "Is ja 'n Ding - Geschichten für Kinder", in which an exciting object from our collection is presented. In "Coffee with Colleagues", we talk about the consequences of the pandemic and the future of museum work. The podcast "Humanimal - The Animal and Us" delves into aspects of the eponymous volunteer exhibition (2020/2021). Have a listen!
The podcasts of the Badisches Landesmuseum are in German.


Is ja 'n Ding! Geschichten für Kinder

What did people 12,000 years ago do with an antler stick, was the medieval castle of Hohenbaden actually comfortable, and why is no one allowed to sit on the throne of Baden today? The children's podcast Is ja 'n Ding! from the series KiMO - Kinder im Museum Online (Children in the Museum Online) presents an object from the museum in 3- to 5-minute episodes and transports both young and old listeners back in time. Since March 2021, a new episode has been published every Sunday at 12 noon. The children's podcast is in German.


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Humanimal - The Animal and Us

The Humanimal podcast, which was conceived especially for the special exhibition (February 21, 2020 - June 6, 2021) of the volunteers of the Badisches Landesmuseum, offers an animalistic listening pleasure. The young scientists report on the meaning of ancient pointed coffins or baroque boar's head caskets and ask to what extent Tamagotchis in plastic eggs as technical pets change the way we deal with real living creatures. In the podcast, selected topics of the exhibition are explored in depth, individual exhibits are brought into focus, and entirely new contexts are uncovered. The concept strives for methodological diversity: interviews and reports alternate with scientific investigations and entertaining exhibition insights. From episode to episode, changing interlocutors are invited. The podcast is in German.


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Coffee with Colleagues

Leilah Jätzold started her internship from the team at the Badisches Landesmuseum in time for the corona-related closure of the museum. In order to get to know her colleagues and their work areas despite her home office, she arranged to meet them for coffee via Skype or in person with sufficient distance. In the individual conversations, she repeatedly asks how the museum work has changed as a result of the pandemic and how museums could change in the long term. The podcast is in German.


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Shortcut Hotzenplotz

Do you still remember the robber Hotzenplotz? We have produced a podcast episode that refreshes your memory - and takes a critical look at the story. The occasion was the hands-on exhibition Räuber Hotzenplotz (October 24, 2020 - June 6, 2021) at the Badisches Landesmuseum, where you could slip into the role of Kasperl and Seppel yourself - or into the role of the robber Hotzenplotz. The podcast is in German.


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