Karlsruher Türkenbeute

Turkish spoils of war

Brief description

The world renowned Karlsruher Türkenbeute is at the heart of the museum's exhibitions – a trophy collection assembled by the Baden margraves from the 17th century Turkish wars.


17th century

Special features

In addition to the Türckische Cammer (Turkish Chamber) of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden (Dresden State Art Collections), the Karlsruher Türkenbeute is one of Germany's largest Ottoman collections.

The Karlsruhe collection is highly ranked among Ottoman collections across Germany. It was created as a result of the Baden margraves’ successful participation in the Turkish Wars. It is primarily linked to the name of margrave Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden-Baden. His victory over the Turks in the decade after Vienna was freed in 1683 made him famous as “Türkenlouis”. As a successful general in the Turkish Wars, ending his career as General Lieutenant of the entire Habsburg army, we have him to thank for the majority of the collection's valuable treasures. 

Highlights of the Karlsruher Türkenbeute include a chain mail shirt belonging to Kara Mustafa Pascha, Grand Vizier of the Janissaries, and splendid armaments and weapons.

Picture gallery

Various objects as trophies of the Turkish wars in the 17th century
Various objects as trophies of the Turkish wars in the 17th century
Chain mail of Mustafa Aga and other objects of the exhibition
Cuirass, balaclava and pomp sabraque in the exhibition