Brief description

Economics, science and art gained new stature at the beginning of the Renaissance around 1500, impacting all areas of life. One-of-a-kind art objects and exciting everyday items bear witness to this transition from the Middle Ages to the modern world.


16th – 17th century

Special features

The exhibition draws a line from the Reformation to the wars of succession.

The exhibitions document the art and culture of an era on the Upper Rhine and in Germany's southwestern region dominated equally by a blossoming culture and the misery of war. Focusing on topics like humanism, science, trades, and guilds, courtly culture and middle-class life, as well as religion and war, the exhibition provides a multi-faceted image of this eventful period. High points of the exhibition include glass paintings by Hans Baldung Grien, a Madonna by Tilman Riemenschneider, and priceless Augsburg gold work.

Picture gallery

Side view of the bust of a male person
Silver incense burner in the shape of a castle
Various gold and silver objects of the permanent exhibition Renaissance
Silver drinking vessel in the shape of a city guardian